What are white fillings?

White fillings are a simple, aesthetic choice for repairing teeth that are damaged or decayed. If the damage is not serious enough to require the use of a dental crown, our talented dentist may recommend a dental filling. To restore the health of the tooth, Dr. Dolnick will remove the decay and damage from the tooth. We will clean the tooth and fill it with the filling material, which is called composite resin. After carefully shaping the resin to fit your bite and repair the tooth, the filling is hardened by using a special light. Finally, we will polish the filling to match the appearance of your tooth. Generally, white fillings can be completed in just one visit to the office of Dolnick and Associates.

Do I need a white dental filling?

If your tooth is decayed or damaged, we may recommend a white filling in Morton Grove, Illinois. White fillings are a wonderful choice for restoring your smile because the color of your filling will be matched to your natural tooth shade, resulting in a natural-looking restoration. Composite resin is a durable material that bonds with your natural tooth to strengthen its structure. We invite you to call or visit our dental office today to learn more about the advantages of white fillings.