What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment that is perfect for conservatively yet noticeably enhancing the beauty of your smile. Dental bonding involves bonding composite resin, which is a tooth-colored material, to the natural tooth structure. Our talented dentist, Dr. Dolnick, carefully shapes and sculpts the composite material to fit your tooth and correct cosmetic dental flaws. Once the resin is properly shaped, we harden it with a special light. After a quick polishing, your smile is ready! Dental bonding is a simple, non-invasive cosmetic dental treatment; in most cases, bonding requires little to no preparation to the tooth, so your visit will not involve numbing or needles. We can typically complete dental bonding in Morton Grove, Illinois in just one comfortable visit to our office.

Do I need dental bonding?

We may recommend dental bonding if you have minor cosmetic flaws, such as:

  • Misshapen teeth
  • Spaces and gaps between teeth
  • Discolored or stained teeth
  • Exposed tooth roots
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Very worn teeth

We welcome you to contact us at the dental office of Dolnick and Associates to discover how we can improve your smile through dental bonding. We are committed to helping you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve!