Restoring Multiple Missing or Compromised Teeth with a Partial

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Over time chronic and advanced periodontal disease, and severe tooth decay can seriously compromise multiple teeth in your mouth. This can have a serious negative impact on your quality of life. One effective option for restoring multiple missing teeth in a single part of your mouth is to have Dolnick and Associates fit you for a partial.

A partial is essentially just a smaller form of dentures that restores multiple missing teeth in one area of your mouth. The artificial teeth are set into a material that mimics the appearance of gum tissue and serves as a foundation to hold them to your jaw structure.

Before being fitted for a partial Dolnick and Associates will want to examine your mouth and take a few x-rays to get a clear understanding of your jaw structure and identify any other teeth that might be compromised. Additional compromised teeth in the area might need to be extracted before Dolnick and Associates can restore the area with a partial.

Once all the applicable teeth have been addressed Dolnick and Associates will take an impression of your mouth, that is sent to a dental lab where your new partial is custom made to match your mouth.

Many people with a partial like to use denture adhesive to secure it in place. The adhesive also helps to block food particles from getting between the gums and your partial.

If you are interested in being fitted for a partial, please call Dolnick and Associates at 847-378-1644 to schedule an appointment.