Good Foods for Your Breath

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As you know, everyone has to deal with bad breath—but do you know why? While bad breath can be caused by a few problems, such as smoking, dry mouth, or some medications, it’s typically caused by germs from food particles left in your mouth.

Of course, you can use mouthwash to combat bad breath, but this is often just a temporary solution. For example, you probably know that some foods, like garlic and onions, can really affect your breath. In fact, substances from garlic and onions can get into your bloodstream, meaning that every time you exhale your bad breath returns.

However, there is good news. There are also foods that are good for your smile. In fact, most crunchy fruits and vegetables will help you with bad breath. You see, saliva carries food particles away and negates acids that can lead to bad breath. Eating dairy can have a similar effect, as many dairy products will also negate acids.Try a piece of cheese or unsweetened yogurt to fight off bad breath. Gum can have a similar effect, though we recommend chewing sugar-free gum. Also, cinnamon gum may do a better job at reducing bad breath than mint-flavored gum.

There are also a few beverages that could help your breath. For example, compounds in black tea will hold stop bacteria from growing. However, tea can also leave a strong odor in your mouth, so be careful with how much you drink. Similarly, drinking water can carry away the particles and acids that cause bad breath.

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