A Fractured Tooth Might Need to Receive a Crown

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Tooth enamel is very strong. However, there are times when it’s simply not strong enough to resist a fracture. This is even more likely if you tend to grind your teeth at night or if you play contact sports without wearing a quality mouthguard.

In some instances, Dr. Ira J. Dolnick can repair the fracture with a filling. However, he might recommend installing a dental crown if the fracture proves significant.

A dental crown in Niles, Illinois, effectively replaces the entire enamel layer of the tooth with gold, porcelain or base metals. The ideal material for the crown will be based on the tooth’s function and prevalence in your smile.

To begin treatment, your dentist will first numb the area with a local anesthetic before using a drill to remove most of the enamel layer. Removing the enamel will create an abutment, which will later serve as an anchor for your permanent crown.

Dr. Ira J. Dolnick will make an impression of the abutment and the surrounding teeth before covering the abutment with a hard, plastic temporary crown. The impression will then be sent to a professional dental lab to serve as a guide for the custom crafting your permanent crown.

Later, our Dolnick and Associates team will call you into our office for a brief second appointment when your new crown is ready. During this visit, the temporary crown will be removed and your new permanent crown will be cemented in place.

If you have a chipped or fractured tooth, you should call Dr. Ira J. Dolnick at 847-378-1644 to schedule an appointment.